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  • Photobioreactor

    Do It Yourself algae reactor, for growing your own green friends.

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  • Open Vacuum Former

    This project was the result of an internship at Waag Society. It will show you, how to build a vacuum former.

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  • Keyholder

    A pocketknife for your keys.

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  • Treincoupe

    Treincoupe maken aan de hand van de lasercutter

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  • Making sense

    Throught different type of sensors this box can mesure and tells you: the quality of the air, the amount of noise, the temperature and humidity.

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  • Book Cover Plywood A5

    Book covers that will enable users to actually have a bound book in hand, minutes after printing the content.

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  • Geological print stencils

    I am using the BRM laser cutter at FabLab in Amsterdam to cut vinyl sheets to be used as stencils for painting and design.

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  • Transparant backplate for tube radio

    We made a transparant backplate for a 1950's Philips tube radio by laser cutting an acrylate plate.

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  • lunch chair

    This chair is made for having lunch. A chair with a lunch deck to put your lunch on. A chair with enough width to sit cross legged on.

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  • Weefgetouw

    Voor dit leuke weefgetouw heb je eerst een aantal onderdelen nodig die je kunt maken met een lasercutter, bijvoorbeeld in een FabLab.

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  • Papieren circuits

    Ontdek elektronische circuits met goedkope materialen. Voeg ledjes toe aan papieren knutselwerken.

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  • Grafiek ZS

    Expanding my possibilties for traditional printing, mixing old and new media. Developping condoleance cards for blind friends

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