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  • Open Vacuum Former

    This project was the result of an internship at Waag Society. It will show you, how to build a vacuum former.

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  • Hovering Bed (Frame)

    Made from 18 mm thick plywood only, this press-fit construction kit includes a bed frame and a slatted frame.

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  • Glueless Srewless Credenza

    My closet was not the best fitting place for some of my belongings. With my stuff as a starting point, I designed this new "snap together" credenza.

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  • Salon table

    massive looking salon table made with oak bars and a olivewood top

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  • Grafiek ZS

    Expanding my possibilties for traditional printing, mixing old and new media. Developping condoleance cards for blind friends

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  • Wooden boa digesting an elephant

    Physicalization of a drawing that has fascinated me since I was a teenager, when I first read The Little Prince.

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  • Rasoir

    The idea was to design a table as a non waste sheet of the industrial standard in wood plates of 2440 x 1220mm

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  • Fold-able photo studio

    How to make a photo booth that doesn't occupy to much space. And could be made out of one standard size plate 122x244 CM

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