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Openthings expo at KABK

During the graduation exposition of the Royal Academy of Art Martin Risseeuw presented Openthings to all kind of visitors interessted in the field of arts, design & making.

On the 3th of July it was time for the yearly graduation exposition from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Between the 3th and the 9th of July, anyone could visit the projects by all the graduation students of the past year. There was work to be found from twelve different departments, from Photography to Art Science. Martin Risseeuw from Openthings was there to present Openthings.

For the graduation festival Martin Risseeuw received two nomination for his work. One for his thesis and one for the Openthings project. Unfortunately, due to strong competition Martin's work didn't win. However, people recognised the great possible future of Openthings which generated a lot of interest in the project. One of the people intrigued by Openthings was the director of the Art Academy herself. She found the idea of having an open design “WikiPedia” very inspiring, a place where everyone could share knowledge by sharing designs.

During the exposition week it was great to hear a lot of different opinions from the visitors including the mayor of The Hague. This resulted in a better understanding on how to grow the Openthings platform in the education sector. There where some positive words and some constructive criticism which resulted in a lot of energy to continue to grow the open design platform, Openthings.