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  • Open Vacuum Former

    This project was the result of an internship at Waag Society. It will show you, how to build a vacuum former.

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  • Making sense

    Throught different type of sensors this box can mesure and tells you: the quality of the air, the amount of noise, the temperature and humidity.

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  • P4H (Paperweight 4 Hermaphrodites)

    This is a must to have in windy parts of the planet. Your papers will never fly away again!

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  • TDA2005 Car Stereo Amplifier

    Stereo audio amplifier based on the TDA2005 IC amp. To be used with any 3.5mm audio jack source. DIN/ISO casing for standard in car installation.

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  • Low-cost prosthesis: using recycled plastic

    During my internship, I worked on the low-cost, self-adjustable lower knee prosthesis project.

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  • Wearable MOSAICO (s)

    Pattern based on geometry, andalusian mosaicos and M. C. Escher.

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  • Cup prosthesis

    For my graduation project at TUdelfts faculty of architecture I plan to build a 'building prosthesis' onto a ruin.

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    The BUSSTOBJECT is a hybrid object. It is a part of city mobiliar, a vertical wall twisting into cantilevered roof of a bus stop.

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