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    I wanted to create a stopmotion animation that explores the shapes and conistency of wood.Therefore I created a series of shapes with the lasercutt...

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  • Milling aluminum hooks

    For a project i needed to cut some hooks out of an aluminum plate. The shapes are small, only 4mm x 36mm but a 1mm aluminium plate is hard to cut t...

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  • Drawdio Party

    My son wanted to have a (micro-)electronic party with his friends for his birthday. So what to do? Last year the big hit was demolishing all kind o...

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  • Textile Stencils

    Using the laser-cutter to create Stencils for printing on textile, made from polypropeen.

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  • Floating keychain

    I needed a floating keychain for my boat keys. I wanted a boat, so that when your keys are dropped in the water you'll see a boat sailing along. To...

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  • 87BC 56

    My aim is to make a solar-powered calculator working with an alternative table of 7\. For instance 8 x 7 will give 65.The heart of the calculator i...

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  • ornament

    recreating the ornamentIn order to recreate the original ceiling ornaments. The method of casting was chosen, beacause milling all of the ornaments...

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  • Skull

    With two friends we are doing a skull research. To have a feel of the skull bone, we printed this out in 3d. The outer line is ok, but the whol...

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  • Circled chain

    For my wife I print out some small circle element. I test it out with soft white pla in stead of the white hard pla. The first ones where not...

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  • Calibrating level bed

    It is important to know if the printing bed is leveled. To know that, you need to calibrate the bed. Below to show you how to do that. 1\. Turn...

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  • Bamboo iPhone 5 case

    iPhone bamboo caseThis is a work in progress.

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  • MOONlamp

    MOONlampA school project PP 0,5 mmspeed: 6,8power: 100%ppi: 100time 1:13

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