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  • Letter belt

    This project is about laser-engraving a sequence of symbols which should be centered along the length of a belt. The challenges are to center these...

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  • Surprise egg

    This project is about laser-engraving a picture of an egg onto a wooden board. It's very important that the engraving is precise and does not leave...

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  • Panel House Study

    The study consists in making a model house to test different possibilities in the dwelling's principal space. Located in the Caribe, the intention ...

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  • Lace Embroidery

    For my graduation project I designed my own lace pattern, which I embroidered on water soluble material so when I wash it away only the lace remain...

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  • canvas cuts for collage paintings

    I am using the laser cutter to make collage pieces that will be layered into paintings. The files are created from images of marble slabs, meant to...

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  • LED Sensor holder

    The LED sensor holder is a project started at Open Makers Lab in the Wildemanbuurt.This holder uses a 3D STL file to drive the CNC machine. It was ...

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  • Spraakmakerstafel

    The 'Spraakmakerstafel' is the result of a design challenge and assignment.This challenge was given to second year technasium students of the Calan...

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  • if I could feel the wind

    IF I COULD FEEL THE WIND papertable In this design project, I want to discover how furniture interacts with wind. Will it loose its shape, be blown...

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  • landscape of smell

    Extracting fragrance out of raw materialsThis year I have been part of the reseachlab group "how devices define a landscape", in the bulb flower re...

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  • Wallhanger

    WallhangerIs an collection of iconic guns made from hang from my wall, collectors style.

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  • Fuse

    I cut pieces for a reel which will be charged with about 400-500 meter of fuse for an installation.a pvc pipe and then two pieces of 5mm plexiglass...

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