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  • Animali

    I wanted to DO something BEAUTIFUL and in a FAST way I picked from internet a picture of a giraff and  one of an elephant and i quickly vectorializ...

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  • MILLU - almost waste-less chair

    > MILLU CHAIR   almost waste-less chair When I arrived at FabLab in Amsterdam I was cloudless of to expect but very curious to discover and experim...

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  • Sketch Folder

    Starting from an Open-sourse project found on Thingiverse ( ) I developped my personal sketch folder, For th...

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  • Stuff-Case

    During the first month of interhnship at FabLab it has been asked to me to design and built a personal box. I created this box starting from walnut...

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  • mould anemone

    I'm making a mould for a anemone basket, it can be used as a basket to put all-day stuf in. The picture is the prototype of the idea, this is made ...

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  • 3D Car with low drag

    For a school assignment we needed to do a project. The subject was free to chose, so I decided to do it about a car with an as low as possible drag...

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  • QCFFFO : quick connect furniture from found objects

    QCFFFO : quick connect furniture from found objectsmy goal was to make a system with which it should be possible to connect different materials to ...

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  • 3d print screw and nut

    I made tests with printing a screw and a nut that acually fit.found a 3d file made by ( ) this is the fil...

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  • handlebar plug with 3d printer

    I made a plug for the ends of the handlebar of my bike which I had sawed of before to make it smaller. I made a 3d file with rhino (3d modelling so...

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  • organ character with vinyl cutter

    trying out the vinylcutter with a small grafic I made. the size is 50x40mm.first I tried this grafic in the same size but the parts where way to sm...

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  • bomb throwing guy with embroidery mashine

    vector grafic 

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