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  • Photobioreactor

    Do It Yourself algae reactor, for growing your own green friends.

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  • Koala Toy

    7cm toy koala mold in resin plastic

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  • Epic kitchen LED-lighting

    When installing LED light in the kitchen, please do yourself a favor by installing fully customizable Arduino RGB LED awesomeness!

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  • "Talking" plant moisture sensor

    As my plant always seemed to die on me, I tried to hook up an Arduino based LED/LCD alert system to let me know if they were thirsty of not.

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  • IoT Rapid Prototype with Blynk

    Going from 0 to turning a LED on and off in 5 minutesYou need:- Android/iPhone- the Blynk app- esp8266 based module (in this case a NodeMCU devkit)...

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  • You must be nuts!

    Life's easy when you prototype, you can glue stuff together, just use MDF, and there are no worries in the world!But what if you want to be able to...

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  • IoT Dust Sensor

    In this fast, work a day, internet connected world, we can't stop and smell the roses. So I've done the next (next next next) best thing and hooked...

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  • The Big Book of the Laser Cutter

    In order to cut things on the laser cutter in the best way, you need to cut at the right speed and power, to help zero that in, we keep a log of su...

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  • Fabschoolino Box

    The Fabschoolino is an Arduino compatable device designed especially for the FabSchool! And what better way to present it that a home grown box?The...

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  • BioHack Academy Certificates

    ConceptionWhen I was asked to make the Certificates for the participants of the second BioHack Academy (BHA), I was keen to explore how a combinati...

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  • Wooden Bowties

    I wanted to do one of a kind gifts for xmas. I used the big milling machine to cut them out. I sanded them smooth that was the hard part. I painted...

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  • Spine logo print

    I had an idea to create a Spine logo and print it on the back of a T-shirt. The vinyl cutter can use Illustrator vector images. I had no idea how t...

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