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This project is looking for some skilled people

Transparant backplate for tube radio

We made a transparant backplate for a 1950's Philips tube radio by laser cutting an acrylate plate.

Detailed description

First you have to measure the original wooden backplate of your radio and make a digital drawing of it using SolidWorks. You can add your custom design to the backplate like we did, but be sure to at least include all the nescessary openings for example the power cord. Save the file as .DXF

The second step of the process is to cut it from an acrylic plate using a laser cutter. We did this at the Waag fablab in Amsterdam. We used an acrylic plate of 2mm thickness and used speed setting 30 and power setting 100. For very precise cutting (like small letters) use power setting 105.

The final step is to carefully mount the backplate on your radio. Now enjoy your vintage radio with a transparant backplate. For more pictures of the final result go to

Attribution 3.0 Unported

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