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This project is looking for some skilled people

"Talking" plant moisture sensor

As my plant always seemed to die on me, I tried to hook up an Arduino based LED/LCD alert system to let me know if they were thirsty of not.

Detailed description

This project basically consists of three parts around the arduino.

Connecting the Moisture sensor
OK. The moisture sensor is a pretty easy device. It generated an output based on the current between two pins.

Getting the led lights set up
initialize digital pin 11,12, and 13 as an output.
pinMode; // groene led
pinMode; // oranje led
pinMode; // rode led

Connecting the OLED Display
This project was a first attempt to get the OLED display up and running. It was actually quite easy when I found the right instruction. The OLED I’m using is ………… Below you’ll see it in the picture. (The translation of the line in the display is: “I am thirsty”

Attribution 3.0 Unported

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