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This project is looking for some skilled people

Modular charging station for bedside tables

I used a milling machine to create component parts out of walnut for charging modules for iPhones, iPads, etc. for bedside tables.

Detailed description

I took a traditional woodworking class and for my first project, I built two bedside tables. My idea was to create a system of charging modules that could be exchanged if I later got a different device. Once I designed the chargers in Sketchup, I decided to try out the FabLab in Amsterdam since I wanted the parts to be really precise and I was worried that if I tried to do it with regular woodworking tools, I would cock it up and it would be kind of wonky.

It was my first foray into the maker community, and they were really helpful at the FabLab. I learned some things for my next attempt, and it really got me fired up to try some other stuff.

Attribution 3.0 Unported

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