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Hovering Bed (Frame)

Made from 18 mm thick plywood only, this press-fit construction kit includes a bed frame and a slatted frame.

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Detailed description

My intention was to create a solid, minimalist, and cost-efficient bed frame which includes a slatted frame and doesn’t require any screws, nails, glue or other materials in order to set it up. After manually roughing out the idea, I made a first precise design using a Rhinoceros Evaluation and calculating much in order to primarily create a balanced slatted frame. Based on multiples of 18 mm, the design strictly follows function and the mattress’ size which is 140 × 200 cm. Since the mattress slightly juts out, the frame’s edges are inlying and safe. Solely made from 18 mm thick plywood, the whole construction is hundred percent recyclable.

After finishing the draft, I prepared the final plane vector template for the milling machine intending to use a 4 mm end mill and giving all joints an offset of 0.1 mm. For a press-fit construction kit, this offset works well as I previously experienced. I exported compatible DXF and Adobe Illustrator files (AI) to a USB flash drive and scheduled a production date. Using the Amsterdam fab lab’s big milling machine, I fabricated the final pieces. Finishing work included a little bit of sanding the plywood before setting up the Hovering Bed (Frame).

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