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Martin Risseeuw

Interaction Designer, front-end developer, and thinker with a big interest in people their happiness & sharing.

Personal website

  • Bristlebot

    A bristlebot or brushbot is an extremely simple form of walking robot.

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  • Low-cost prosthesis

    The Low Cost Prosthesis project aims at ... sthetic with production costs below $50.

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  • Honeycomb Shelf & Closet

    For the presentation of different Openthings projects, I would like to make a honeycomb closet.

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  • Molding and casting experiment

    This is a Fab Academy project I did. The ... old, machine it, and cast parts from it.

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  • You are useful: The prosuming society

    A thesis about the shift from capitalism to a more sharing based society.

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  • Wireless Networking

    I want to create a wireless network betw ... . This is part of the Happiness project.

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  • Bamboo iPhone case

    A project to mill out a 100% bamboo case

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  • Happiness project

    We have developed a Happiness Book as tool to gain more insight in the happiness of people.

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  • Sharable Energy

    An idea to share own generated energy with other

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