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Fablab Amsterdam

The Fablab Amsterdam is hosted by Waag Society, a non – profit organisation active in the field of social innovation through creative technology.

Personal website

  • Happiness lamp

    One thing all humans have in common is t ... ight and figure out what makes us happy.

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  • Low-cost prosthesis - Creating the Connector

    he connector is the part of the prosthesis that connects the socket to prosthesis.

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  • Low-cost prosthesis: using recycled plastic

    During my internship, I worked on the low-cost, self-adjustable lower knee prosthesis project.

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  • Rasoir

    The idea was to design a table as a non ... standard in wood plates of 2440 x 1220mm

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  • Cup prosthesis

    For my graduation project at TUdelfts fa ... ild a 'building prosthesis' onto a ruin.

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  • Painting with a laser cutter

    I've been thinking about the laser cutte ... How to use them in my work as an artist.

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  • Laser cutting leather

    I am working on a new collection at the ... been working with laser cutting fabric.

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    The BUSSTOBJECT is a hybrid object. It i ... ng into cantilevered roof of a bus stop.

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  • Stolen Stool

    The Stolen Stool (from kickstarter's "This stool rocks" campaign) stool.

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