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Alex Schaub

Analog & Digital fabrication expert

Personal website

  • Tongue Drum

    For the fab9 world contest, I decided to ... hours before the performance took place.

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  • Peru Stoel

    Inspired by hand woven fabrics of a craf ... e the stoel is sturdy and doesent break.

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  • Conoid Table

    The Conoid Table is my new research proj ... oks:George Nakashima: The Soul of a Tree

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  • rasoir

    This flatpack table is a collaboration b ... ety. More about it on the documentation.

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  • Bauhaus Chess

    Finally we have a Ultimaker in the Lab. ... documentation for some important notes.

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  • The Intern Box

    This box is from Alex's (fablab manager) ... ate / flip the left-right, front-back...

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  • Hypermud

    During a three-day-long workshop at the ... ated life-size architectural structures.

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  • 3D Bass Guitar

    Can you produce a high quality electric ... ody, maple neck, palisander fingerboard.

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  • Fab Foos

    Fab Foos is a open source Table Soccer G ... 16 barrings- 8 springs- 8 rubber  stops

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  • Fab Cook Book

    The Fab Lab Amsterdam Cook BookThis is o ... body is invited to cook food at our lab.

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  • Cadavre Exquis

    Cadavre Exquis is a Surrealist game. Ima ... he creation of three dimensional robots.

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  • OS 3D Scanner

    An investigation into open source 3d sca ... ted along the lateral side of the stomp.

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  • Alignment Laser

    Prosthetics Program This project is coll ... patients. The collaboration consists of:

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  • Fab Prosthetics

    AbstractThe major objective of prostheti ... o, and deemed necessary by the patient. 

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  • HONFablab

    On december 9 2010,  NL EVD Internationa ... nd HONF; - House of Natural Fiber (IDN).

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  • Plastic Bender

    Plastic Bender project:by Tomas Diez & A ... 300 degree- thickness = < 12mm (0.472")

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  • Mooimuis

    'Mooimuis' is the creation of a toddler ... that would give input back to the child.

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  • Fabacademy 2008

    This course provides a hands-on introduc ... ols as well as understand how they work.

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  • USB Bike Charger

    The target is creating a modular powersu ... ne, PDA, MP3-player or a similar device.

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  • Bass guitar

    Can you produce a high quality electric bass guitar using the Fablab methodology?

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  • Tongue Drum

    A musical Instrument with a great sound

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