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The platform for designers who want to go beyond consuming. You can join the beehive now and become a prosumer too.

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Some of the exciting projects that you can find on Openthings. Browse all projects to find something challenging & suitable for you.

  • Bass guitar

    Can you produce a high quality electric bass guitar using the Fablab methodology?

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  • Cup prosthesis

    For my graduation project at TUdelfts faculty of architecture I plan to build a 'building prosthesis' onto a ruin.

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  • Tripp Trapp Tray

    The missing table table tray for the tripp trapp high chair.

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About Openthings

Openthings is a platform for designers who want to go beyond consuming and become prosumers. By becoming productive-consumers people are able to flourish. The Openthings users are like bees spreading and sharing knowledge. Their knowledge is used to enhance the projects of other contributors. This system of sharing works both ways and is the fuel of Openthings. Openthings is power through collaborative design - it is a community of prosumers.

Openthings is a platform passionate about collaborative development where sharing is the foundation. You are encouraged to get involved with your own and others’ design, everything is open.

Openthings is a place with projects. Everyone can work on a project uploaded to the platform and help evolve it. The platform facilitates anyone to share knowledge, ideas and skill. Together we can become prosumers instead of consumers. A productive consumer is most likely to feel more satisfied with themselves because of what they achieve. Join the global collaboration of Openthings and become a prosumer.

Our mission at Openthings, is to facilitate global collaboration between people. Openthings believes that through designing together and sharing knowledge designers are capable of surpassing the limitations of their own skill set. By designing objects or things together we hope to empower people to realise great projects and to flourish.


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